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IT Consultancy and Support Services


We provide IT Consultancy services through highly skilled and certified technical consultants and information management technology experts. Learn more

IT Equipment: Supply and Support


 We supply various brands of server, computers, network equipment and more as per clients' best suitable needs for business or home use. Learn more 

Hardware/Software repair and maintenance


 We offer a wide range of hardware and software repair and maintenance services to business and individual customers for affordable cost.  Learn more 

Mobile Phone and Accessories: Sales and Services


We are an authorized dealer for Bell Mobility providing service for individual and corporate clients. We sell cell phones of different make and models and accessories.  Learn more 

Website Design, Domain Registration and Hosting


We provide domain registration and hosting services and also offer a range of customizable web design packages for small to medium businesses. Learn more 

Consultancy and Support

IT Equipment

Repair and Maintenance

Mobile Phones

Website Design, Domain Registration and Hosting

Arctic Digital offers the most up-to-date and varied skills necessary to design high-impact websites that are seen, used and visited over and over again. Our website development includes design, content, animation, interactive applications, on-line marketing and e-commerce.
To get visitors to keep coming back, a website needs to be intriguing with constant updates and maybe even appropriate redesigns now and then. Our web designers are forever ready to setup meeting, come up with ideas to help you maintain the β€˜fresh look’ of your website. It's easy and affordable to create a professional looking website at Arctic Digital.

Domain Registration

A domain name is the website address that user will type in to access your website. e.g.  www.yourcompany.com. It is the same as registering a company name at the Company Registrar, but it's done on the Internet. Once your domain name is registered, your e-mail address will also reflect your domain name.  We will help you to get your domain name (website address).

Website Hosting  

Arctic digital help you to host your website on the internet with reasonable price. 

Email Hosting

Arctic Digital provides email hosting services and support to configure email server. 

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